Best Brella with screw-on extension pole

Extension pole screws onto umbrella















Rotating Arm with Height Adjustment

I am tall, and especially appreciated the extensions that make it higher.

~ Richard McKinley



It has an extension pole to get it up high - an important feature for me, since I'm over 6' tall.

~ Michael Chesley Johnson








Best Brella's Height is Adjustable


The height of your umbrella is adjustable from 47” to 76” above the clamp. There are two ways to adjust the height. The first is by adjusting how deep the umbrella shaft is inserted into the rotation arm. This gives you about 10 inches of adjustment. If you are using only one extension pole, the umbrella can be adjusted to a height between 47" and 56" above the clamp surface. For an additional 20", screw on the second extension pole. This allows adjustment between 66" and 76" above the clamp surface.

1. Screw the first extension pole onto umbrella shaft.. (See photo in left column)

This is best done while umbrella is closed. Point umbrella down and screw in the extension pole from above.

In this photo, you can just see the brass screw as it connects with the umbrella shaft.

2. Slide aluminum ferrules over screw connection.

After attaching the extension pole, be sure to slide the aluminum ferrule over the connection. This is especially important in windy conditions and when using two poles.

Aluminum ferrules

Each extension pole comes with its aluminum ferrule. When poles are screwed into umbrella shaft, slide the aluminum ferrule over the connection.


3. Insert umbrella shaft with extension pole into rotating arm.

This is your chance to adjust the height of the umbrella from 30” to 42 inches above the clamp level.  Insert the umbrella shaft into the arm to the depth that achieves the best height for your set-up. Then tighten the white nylon thumb screw.

Loosen white thumb screw to adjust height by sliding the umbrella shaft up or down within the neck of the rotating arm. This will give you about 9" of adjustment. When you have the correct height, tighten the white thumb screw.

4. For even more height:

For most situations one extension pole is sufficient, but if not, you can add the second extension pole. This will allow height to be adjusted from 66” to 76” above the clamp. This is most useful when you need to clamp low onto a tripod or easel leg. Do not use two poles in windy conditions. Unless you are over 6'2" you will not need two poles. Experiment with your set-up.



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