Best Brella clalmped onto a SoltekClamped onto a Soltek back

Clamped onto a Soltek BoxClamped onto a Soltek box






Suggestion: It is very easy to misplace the small wedge. Keep it in a zip lock bag inside the carrying case to prevent losing it. If you use it frequently, then tighten clamp to hold wedge into the clamp when storing your umbrella.

Replacement wedges

You can buy a replacement at a photo shop. Ask for the wedge insert for the Manfrotto Super Clamp.

Big-Jaw Clamp

with Removable Wedge

The clamp will attach firmly to your easel, tripod, or table. It can be clamped to anything up to  2 ¼ “ in diameter. Use the wedge when clamping onto flat surfaces. For curved or round surfaces, remove the wedge.


Best Brella Clamp


Clamp diagram

Clamp on various surfaces.

Clamp can be used on various surfaces.

Best Brella Clamped onto Tripod Leg
Clamped onto tripod leg.

Clamped onto Maybef Easel

Clamped onto a Easel.
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