Super Big Jaw Umbrella Clamp















The Best Brella Umbrella

Best Brella uses the highest quaity umbrella and accessories available. It's unique design is unmatched in performance or quality by any other art umbrella. Replacement parts are available.

1. 45” arc umbrella with a Reflective Silver exterior, Black Interior for maximum shade and cooling. For those who want less dense shade, we also offer a Translucent White umbrella. Both colors have wind vents. (Photos of the white umbrella to come soon.)
2. Screw-on handle allows umbrella to be used as normal, hand-held umbrella when desired
3. Two 20” screw-on extension poles allow for an umbrella height up to 5 feet 6 inches above the clamp
4. Big-jaw clamp opens to 2.5”and clamps to flat, round, or angled surfaces
5. Removable wedge for clamping onto flat surfaces
6. Rotating arm with stud (used to attach arm to clamp)
7. Carrying case with strap
8. Fiberglass stays will not bend, rust, or invert in heavy winds
9. Steel umbrella shaft and extension poles won't bend or dent like aluminum.
10.Entire kit weighs only 2.5 pounds

Best Brella components

Extension pole screws into umbralla shaft.