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Your Best Brella Kit Includes; Clamp with wedge insert; Rotating Arm; Extension Poles; Handle; and Shoulder Bag

Best Brella's big-jaw clamp with wedge insert opens to 2.5".

Best Brella clamps to all easels and tripods, including Soltek.

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Best Brella will hold a low angle position, even in windy conditions.

New Translucent White Umbrella

Read how using an umbrella can improve your paintings!

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Finally, an easel umbrella that really works!

NOW IN WHITE TOO -- with wind vents!

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If you have been looking for a plein air umbrella that attaches firmly to your easel, that will hold any angle, even in the wind, that is height adjustable and suitable for the even the tallest painter, then Best Brella is what you’ve been looking for. Best Brella has superior functionality and higher quality components than any other plein air umbrella on the market.


Now available in SEMI-TRANSLUCENT WHITE as well as silver lined with black. Same design, different color.

More info on the white umbrella here.

Click on PURCHASE link to select the color of umbrella you want. Photos to come soon.

You've tried the rest, now try the best!


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